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"Quant" is short for "quantitative analyst" and a quantitative analyst is a person who analyzes a situation or event, especially a financial market, by means of mathematical and statistical modeling.

Quant Trading App (QTA) is a simple to use quantative approach to stock and options trading. We use an algorithm built on statistics and mathematical models to help tell us what the expected buy & sell zones are for a stock on any given day.

Discord is the easiest way to talk over text, voice, or live video. Discord makes it very easy to stay close with anyone in a community. is an extension of our Discord server and Upgrade.Chat is the easiest way for us to manage different membership roles. When you subscribe to our Discord and upgrade your role to Gold Member, you gain access to all of our website’s premium features. Upgrade.Chat works seamless with PayPal and their bot automatically maintains any renewals, cancellations, and switching of user roles.
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